Thursday, February 23, 2017


         First, I want to hear about beauty. I want to know what you love. I want to know what
         words of love have been written on your heart - how you could smile at the bold beauty
         of a solitary hedgerow campion (flower) in December; how your taste buds might find
         sweet delight in freshly dug early potatoes, the way your flesh glows in the summer.
         Love creates beauty. I want to know how you create beauty, about the woods and
         beaches that you love; I want to know if Bach harmonies lift the top off your head.
         I want to know how you suck life into your being and live it, feel it, like sharp air
         in the lungs on a frozen, moon-smiling, diamond-clear night, and how your chest
         opens to compass the Cosmos.      Adrian Rose

                      After attending a show at the McMichael with many Norval Morrisseau
                      paintings on display, I came to the studio and played around again with
                      the iris as subject but the background as mini-plot. The dark outlines
                      suggest Morrisseau influence as do the bold colours!

                                The iris series amounts to about  sixteen pieces so far . More
                                and more they have been abstracted and the design of the
                                background has become an important element. The trick is
                                creating tension between figure and ground but always
                                allowing one to dominate!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

                                It has been over 6 months since my last post. But I have been
                                painting quite a bit over that period. I worked on a series of
                                irises based on the beautiful crop I had in our garden last summer.
                                Van Gogh was my inspiration. More to follow on that note in
                                upcoming posts. I have also been working on a series of trees
                                and/or forests, as well as a series of non-objective work. This
                                painting is one from the Newfoundland series. As mentioned
                                in previous posts, the homes are scattered in all different
                                locations surrounded by the breathtaking and rugged terrain
                                of Newfoundland. The bold colours reflect the joy I felt
                                while visiting this beautiful landscape, but mostly the warmth
                                and hospitality of the people!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

                              This another NFLD painting that I did when preparing for the
                               SCA show in Port Perry. It wasn't complete when this photo
                               was taken, but is now! If you're in Port Perry during June go
                               take a peak!